Rochester Lancers
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Player Name

Lancer Dancer since 2011

  • Three words to describe you? Outgoing, Compassionate, Sassy

  • Education? I currently do online/home-school to finish high school a year early

  • Favorite Vacation Spot? Jamaica

  • Favorite Restaurant in Rochester? Tony D and Texas De Brazil

  • Hobbies/Hidden Talents? I am a model, actress, dancer as well as a YouTuber

  • What is your Favorite Quote? “Everything happens for a reason”

  • What is your Favorite App? Instagram and YouTube

  • The best advice someone has given you? From my mom, she has always told me that everything happens for a reason, which is also my favorite quote. The other best advice that I’ve received is that every day is a second chance to become the person that you aspire to be.

  • What are your future plans/goals? My plan is to graduate in June and hopefully move to NYC in September to pursue my modeling and acting career.

  • What is the best part about being a Lancer Dancer? That I get to perform in front of a huge crowd with some amazing girls, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I also love that is it something that my whole family is apart of, my sister is on the dance team with me, my mom is our coach/choreographer, and my dad is the head coach of the Rochester Lancers and President of Soccer Operations.

The Outdoor Lancers kick off May 19 at Wegmans Stadium at Aquinas Institute.  Please call 585-872-KICK for special events, birthday & group tickets or sponsorship opportunities. 

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