Rochester Lancers


Player Name

Lancer Dancer since 2011

  • Three words to describe you? Outgoing, Compassionate, Sassy

  • Education? I currently do online/home-school to finish high school a year early

  • Favorite Vacation Spot? Jamaica

  • Favorite Restaurant in Rochester? Tony D and Texas De Brazil

  • Hobbies/Hidden Talents? I am a model, actress, dancer as well as a YouTuber

  • What is your Favorite Quote? “Everything happens for a reason”

  • What is your Favorite App? Instagram and YouTube

  • The best advice someone has given you? From my mom, she has always told me that everything happens for a reason, which is also my favorite quote. The other best advice that I’ve received is that every day is a second chance to become the person that you aspire to be.

  • What are your future plans/goals? My plan is to graduate in June and hopefully move to NYC in September to pursue my modeling and acting career.

  • What is the best part about being a Lancer Dancer? That I get to perform in front of a huge crowd with some amazing girls, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I also love that is it something that my whole family is apart of, my sister is on the dance team with me, my mom is our coach/choreographer, and my dad is the head coach of the Rochester Lancers and President of Soccer Operations.

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