Rochester Lancers

Jeremy Loncao

Player Name
Jeremy Loncao

First & Last Name: Jeremy loncao
Date of Birth: 6-12-85
Hometown: Pittsford
High School: Brighton
Nickname: Lonks
Favorite Athlete: Micheal Jordan
Favorite Soccer Team: Juventes
Favorite soccer player: Alessandro Del Piero
Favorite number: 13
Other sports played: Basketball and golf
Best advise ever given: Mangiare! (Eat in Italian)
Favorite TV show: Anything with my wife
Instagram: Jeremy_loncao13
Favorite place to eat in Rochester: Black and blue
Hidden Talent: Golf and cooking
Pets: I love dogs
Dinner with 3 famous people who would they be: My wife Frank Sinatra and my grandma
Career plans after soccer or school: I’m a physical Ed teacher and coach varsity soccer

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