Rochester Lancers

Anthony Rozzano

Player Name
Anthony Rozzano

Player Date of Birth

High School
Webster Schroeder

Nick Name
Red Mamba

Favorite Athlete
Anthony Rozzano

Favorite Soccer Team
Rochester Lancers

Favorite Soccer Player
Tony Rozzano

Favorite # and Why?
Number 1 because i am number 1

Do you play or have you played other sports?
I used to break hearts, competitively

Best Advise someone has given you?
You can't spell humble without a U and ME

Favorite TV Show?
Impractical Jokers / GoT

Twitter Handle?

Favorite place to eat in Rochester?

Do you have any hidden talents/hobbies people don't know about you?
During the week i walk around NYC saving kittens from trees and on the weekends i play blindfolded ping pong without a paddle.

If you could have dinner with 3 famous people who would it be and why?
Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and Cersei. I would also like a large funfetti cake that has the amount of times I've been wrong in my life. FYI that cake should have a 0 on it.

What are your career plans after soccer/school?
Own a puppy refuge so that all puppies of different types can frolic together in harmony.

Soccer Experience
Coed TSE

In third grade i scored a touchdown by shooting a free throw. Nothing. But.Net. Wait a second....Yes.

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