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United Women’s Soccer (UWS) was formed late in 2015. The charter members of UWS felt there was a gap in the development of the female soccer player between the collegiate game and the professional & international game.

A dedicated Tier 2 league was needed. UWS will fill that gap with a summer competitive season that will help the collegiate player evolve & enhance their game for fall competition while giving the post-collegiate player a chance to further develop for the professional & international ranks.

Every soccer club has a “pyramid” structure. Every pyramid has four corner stones. For United Women’s Soccer, those corner stones are:

  • Development - continuing the maturation of the collegiate player;
  • Evolution - elevating the competition to help the player reach the next level;
  • Exposure - media friendliness & widespread promotion of the sport;
  • And most important of all, Standards - elite teams operating with professional standards.

For each founding United Women’s Soccer member, DEVELOPMENT is the base of their respective organizational pyramids. Each team has a full youth soccer club structure. Not only youth teams, but most UWS organizations also hold specialized positional training clinics.

Why? So, the player can mature to represent the club both at the collegiate and UWS levels. UWS will serve as the top of the club pyramid for most teams, while some may affiliate with a professional soccer team as a D2 club.

UWS teams have been recognized around the globe for providing superior competition for female soccer players. With the emphasis on league standards, quality ownership, team retention and player development, UWS will elevate women’s soccer across North America.

EDP will serve as administrators and their mission is to provide UWS a collegial environment to aid those players who achieve to the top levels. EDP will serve those UWS clubs who need a higher level of competition than is available locally.

United Women’s Soccer aspires to be a true Division 2 league underneath the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). UWS is a national league with teams playing in regional conferences.

While many collegiate players will take the field in UWS to help retain their focus as they transition from spring to fall competition, it will also help evolve their game for the “next level”: whether that is the professional ranks or the top of the women’s soccer pyramid, representing their country as an international.

UWS teams have served as affiliates for professional teams. Alumnae of UWS teams have made the jump to the professional ranks, both here in the United States and overseas.

Many former professionals have also donned the uniform of UWS member teams, helping in turn the younger players to evolve to the “next level.” Alongside the players included in our photo gallery (on the top right of the page), more distinguished alumni include:

Kim Wyant, original LI Rough Rider & USWNT goalkeeper; Japan’s Kanae Hanieshi & U.S. talent Nikki Krzysik & Jennifer Benson featured for the NY Magic; Canadian WNT goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe patrolled the net for the NE Mutiny; current TSF Academy forward Danielle Schulmann made the 2015 preseason roster for NWSL Portland; NJ Copa F.C.’s Phoenetia Browne represented St. Kitts & Nevis in 2015 World Cup Qualifiers... PLUSMORE!

In this technological world, media exposure is more vital than ever. From social media to online video (both on & off the field), an organization must be ahead of the curve when it comes to the viewing habits of the modern fan. United Women’s Soccer plans to promote the women’s game and gain a fanbase that will help grow support for women’s soccer not just in the U.S. and Canada, but worldwide.

You can follow UWS on social media. Fans can expect game webcasts and online videos featuring each team. Every sports league that wants the respect of main-stream media needs up-to-date statistical information on every game it plays.

This effort works hand-in-hand with the UWS mission to help elevate players to the “next level”: coaches at home and around the world will be able to keep track of the game-by-game progress of their current & future players.

The first three UWS corner stones would fail the pyramid structure without the most important one: professional standards. Standards for on & off the field conduct will be maintained. League spots will be designated to teams who meet predetermined criteria relevant to appropriate standards of facilities & infrastructure.

To further develop the sport, players & fans deserve an exceptional experience. Standards ensure that positive interaction, both on & off the field. The EDP administrators will oversee the application process as well as day-to-day operations. EDP will be facilitating schedules, disciplinary procedures, etc. and its talented staff will form the backbone of UWS.



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