Mariah Williams

Player Name
Mariah Williams

  • Date of Birth- 08/15/1997
  • Number- 7
  • High School- Whitesboro High School 
  • Last team player for- Syracuse Lady Knights
  • College- University at Albany
  • Favorite Athlete- Messi
  • Favorite Soccer Team- Barcelona 
  • Favorite Soccer Player- Tobin Heath 
  • Favorite # and why- #5, it was my first soccer jersey number
  • Do you play or have you played other sports-  No 
  • Best advice someone has given you- “Be on time, work hard and don’t make the same mistake twice” 
  • Favorite TV show- New Girl
  • Twitter Handle- _mariahwilliams  
  • Do you have any hidden talents/hobbies people don’t know about- 
  • If you could have dinner with 3 famous people who would it be- Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran

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