Alex Harling

Player Name
Alex Harling

  • Date of Birth- 09/21/1991
  • High School- Rush-Henrietta
  • College- Roberts Wesleyan
  • Nick Name- Alex
  • Favorite Athlete- Michael Jordan
  • Favorite Soccer Team- Chelsea FC
  • Favorite Soccer Player- Ronaldinho
  • Favorite # and why- 23, Michael Jordan
  • Do you play or have you played other sports- baseball, football, golf, basketball
  • Favorite TV show- Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Favorite place to eat in Rochester- any place that serves lobster and steak
  • Do you have any hidden talents/hobbies people don’t know about- I can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute
  • Do you have a pet (if so, what kind of pet and name)- Pitbull puppy, her name is Lana
  • If you could have dinner with 3 famous people who would it be- Ronaldinho, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama
  • What are your career plans after soccer- Work and Coach in soccer

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