Home Opener Sunday, May 19

Hercules added to Lady Lancers Coaching Staff

Coughlin signed as Lancers Goalkeeper


UPDATE: Both matches will be streamed LIVE on MyCujoo TV

Lady Lancers vs Syracuse, 2PM ET -

Men's team at 5PM ET:


Home Opener Sunday! Sunday May 19 the Outdoor Season kicks off with the Lady Lancers at 2PM and the Men at 5PM at Aquinas Institute (1127 Dewey Ave). It’s a PARTY, not a game! KIDS ARE FREE! Parking is Free. Adult Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at or at the game. Bouncehouse, facepainting, t-shirt tosses, and more. Local Star Amanda Ashley to sing the National Anthem at the Lady Lancers 2PM game, and “The Voice” Star Austin Giorgio to sing at the Men’s 5pm Game.  See you there! 

Lady Lancers. Nicole Hercules joins Head Coach Sal Galvano as Assistant Coach! Nicole is a local soccer role model as Executive Director of the Rochester City Soccer League, and President of Rochester Soccer School. The Lady Lancers are thrilled and honored to announce her as part of our coaching staff! Returning Lady Lancers players include: Kenna Kosinki, Catie Broderick, Elin Eklund, Dori Rizzo, Elysia Masters, Dylan Patterson, Luca Fahmer, Taylor Wingerden, Hanna & Abbey  Callaghan, Tenysha Taylor, Jada Sargaent. New Players & Full Roster can be found at

Lancers. Head Coach Doug Miller and Assistant Coach Adam Schwartz sign Andrew Coughlin as Goalkeeper. Coughlin is a former Syracuse Silverknight, and just ended this past Indoor season playing for Utica City and advanced the team into the Divisional Playoffs. The Lancers are excited to welcome GK Coughlin to the roster! Returning Lancers players include: Will Banahene, Rafa Godoi, Domenico Vitale, Wyatt Scott, Michael Cunningham, Anthony Rozzano, Darren Toby, Lukas Fernandes, Alex Harling, Austin Gerber, Enrique, Isaac Kissi, Zikret Osmic, Jordan Sullivan, Dan Reger, Jake Schindler, Mitchell Brickman. New Players & Full Roster can be found at