Daycare Dreams


Most pro soccer team owners have successful businesses away from soccer during these challenging times. SoccerSam Fantauzzo, the owner of the Rochester Lancers, is no different. His infant soccer daycare center is thriving.

While most daycares are designed to help parents, SoccerSam focuses on helping the infant understand the pro-soccer parent.

"I've used my 43 years as a motivating soccer coach and business owner to help infants adjust to the soccer playing parent." said SoccerSam. 

On my visit to the daycare, SoccerSam was teaching Thiago Alan the importance of accepting breast milk, and refusing powdered formula.

"He's learning to sleep quietly during soccer games, and to be fed while the soccer parent is checking soccer scores and watching games on cell phones." said Fantauzzo.

Soccer infants need to adjust quickly to never crying when the pro-soccer parent is at home. "Our biggest challenge is teaching them about one diaper dump per day and only when the pro-soccer playing parent is away." said SoccerSam's private Nurse, Linda.

SoccerSam hopes to teach these new skills at the next MASL owners meeting.