SoccerSam’s Lancers love started in 1970 after his uncle Al Oliveri took him to his first Lancers game. 

In 1980, SoccerSam and his wife Linda took over the IFSL soccer league. Having former Lancers & Rochester Flash legends playing in the league made it extra special. One of the teams was even called the Lancers. 

The 90’s introduced us to a new way to watch sports with cable tv. Soon the IFSL teams were showcased on Cable Access TV with the first Lancers reunion game, all-star games and trips to Italy featured on a weekly show. 

The SoccerSam TV Show then launched on the Warner Brother Network weekly, which always featured a former Lancers guest. 

In 1995, The SoccerSam Radio Show called Kick This! began a 25 year run on iHeartRadio. Over the years, several former Lancers alumni were co-hosts, as well as Michael Lewis! 

Pro Soccer came back to Rochester with the Rochester Rhinos in 1996. SoccerSam made sure to honor former Lancers as often as possible including three former Lancers on the coaching staff. 

In 2009, as President of the Rhinos, SoccerSam took a 2 year health recovery break from soccer. 

Indoor Pro Soccer came to Rochester in 2011 with the Rochester Lancers. SoccerSam was determined to make all the Lancers that came before him proud. Yearly, the Lancers inducted Legends into the Wall of Fame. 

In 2017, the outdoor Lancers returned with a men and women's team to help keep soccer alive in Rochester. Several former Lancers legends helped the organization and were honored at the games.

"The Rochester Lancers changed my life in so many ways," SoccerSam Fantauzzo has said, "Having a book featuring friends that dedicated their soccer lives to the Lancers is extremely emotional. I am so honored." 

Secure your copy of the newest novel by Michael Lewis,  STILL ALIVE AND KICKING: The story of the 21st century Rochester Lancers. Foreword written by SoccerSam.