July 12, 2019

Rochester Lady Lancers:

Rochester, NY: The Lady Lancers 2019 outdoor season came to an end Sunday, July 7. The Lady Lancers last road trip of the season resulted in 1 win and 1 loss. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to get the Ladies into the playoffs. They ended the season with a 3-5-2 record. Captain, Taylor Wingerden led the team with 11 Goals and 5 Assists.


Rochester Lancers:

Rochester, NY: After the Lancers July 5 win vs Syracuse and July 7 tie vs FC Buffalo the men clinched their spot in the NPSL playoffs. This is the first time the outdoor Lancers made playoffs in 42 years. The Lancers playoff fate will be determined the weekend of July 12 -14. A home playoff game is still a possibility for the Lancers on Tuesday, July 16 but there are multiple scenarios that must happen this weekend first.   The Lancers are 6-2-1 on the season thus far. Uros Momic, leads the team in goals and Lukas Fernandes, leads the team in assists.

Update to this story: After a Lancers tie on Saturday night vs Cleveland the Lancers were dealt an away playoff game vs Ann Arbor, Michigan on Tuesday July 16 @ 6:30pm EST. The game will be streamed live via www.mycujoo.com 


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