Years with the Lancers: 1967-1980 (Trainer, Equipment Manager)

Born: Soveria, Italy

The unsung hero of the Rochester Lancers who was the first and longest serving employee of the team.  His love for soccer began at a young age with his support of Italy’s most decorated team, Juventus.  Came to the US in the mid-1950’s and moved to Rochester in 1957.  To perpetuate his passion for soccer, became a member of the Italian-American Sport Club in 1964.  Joined the Lancers before their first season began in 1967 when Dennis Jones, the player/assistant coach of the team, asked him to be the trainer and equipment manager, a position he held for the entire length of the Lancers’ existence.

Major duties included the physical well-being of the players and the club’s equipment needs, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.  Also served as unofficial team secretary, chauffer, field manager and any other role that the ownership needed doing.  Often used his vacation time from his full-time job as a machinist to travel with the Lancers on road trips to diverse destinations like Guatemala, Vancouver and Hawaii.  Was the Lancers’ player confidante and liaison between the team and the owners and coaches, especially helping the Lancers’ foreign players, many of whom did not speak English.  The longest serving trainer in North American Soccer League history who, in 1976, became the only trainer to be ejected from a match, thus earning him the nickname “Red Card”.

After the Lancers ended, worked with the Rochester Flash of the American Soccer League as trainer and traveling secretary starting in 1981.   Served on the Board of Directors of the Italian American Community Center and the Italian-American Sport Club. Has broadcasted matches for the W-League Rochester Ravens and devoted 17 years to the radio show that Lancers’ Wall of Famer Charlie Schiano started, “Soccer is a Kick in the Grass”.  Fellow Wall of Famer Carlos Metidieri once said, "They should build a monument outside Holleder Stadium for Joe Sirianni. He's given more time and more effort to the Lancers than anyone I know.”  Charlie Schiano added, "Joe was more than an employee. He's always been an unselfish person and a great friend."

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