Both parties understand and agree the player cannot be paid to play soccer. Player may receive money for team travel related expenses, and compensation for doing other duties within the team, other than playing soccer per US Soccer amateur rules. Both parties understand that the player can play with any other team, in any other league, outside of the MASL and its affiliates. Player can only play for this team and its affiliates within the MASL, unless this contract is void by the team, or league. Player agrees that they will abide by the MASL rules and by-laws during their term with the team. Player understands they are responsible to provide their own equipment necessary to perform the tasks of a “player” per MASL league rules. Team will provide a uniform for the games player plays. Both parties understand that they are responsible for any local, state, or federal taxes and/or obligations required by law, for any payment received within this agreement. Player understands they are participating in a contact sport, understands the risk to injury by playing this sport, and will not hold the MASL a California Not for Profit, its officers, agents, employees, representatives, other players, contractors, the team, and/or its affiliated entities liable for any injuries received during this contract. Contractor will hold the team, MASL, its officers, agents, employees, representatives, and/or its affiliated entities, and contractors, harmless from any actions derived by the player’s behavior or actions. Player understands that the MASL does not provide any medical, accident, or disability coverage, and that the player is responsible for any insurance coverage the player wishes to obtain. The team and player may agree, at their option and expense, to participate in group medical, accident, or disability insurance that the team may offer outside this agreement.

This agreement is to be signed and submitted to the league for processing. By signing this agreement, both parties understand and agree that this document is an agreement between the Team and the Player for the player to participate in the MASL. The League can nullify all or part of this agreement by taking disciplinary actions against either the team or the player. The MASL recognizes this contract as an amateur player contract, and that the player is receiving no compensation for playing soccer. However, by signing this contract, the player understands he/she may not be eligible for future NCAA competition and should consult an attorney prior to signing this Agreement.  The player may participate in a professional league as an unpaid amateur player. 


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