Top of the box free kicks will all depend on how the wall is set up and what side they take away. Most times they will take the right side shooter away unless they know that we have a left footer. It will all come down to execution and timing of our movements. The play maker must identify which way to play to make sure we get a quality shot off. Option 1 (Right) right sided shooter back heels to left footer shooter. Option 2 (Right) right footer runs over ball left footer plays ball to right sided shooter wide. Option 3 (Right) same thing play the wheel down low. Option 4 (Left) the two down low play maker comes from behind the wall to pass the strong side shooter. The playmaker continues to follow around for the wheel and then shot. Option 5 (Left) Playmaker comes from behind and plays to weak side with runners to pick and create scoring chance. Again the creativity must come from players.

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