Marley Jarvis

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Marley Jarvis

  • Name- Marley Jarvis
  • Date of Birth- 03/09/1997
  • High School- Webster Thomas
  • Hometown- Webster, NY
  • College- St. Bonaventure
  • Nickname: Mar
  • Favorite Athlete(s): Sydney Leroux, Ronaldinho, Zlatan, Kyrie Irving, and Steph Curry
  • Favorite Soccer Team: FC Barcelona
  • Favorite Soccer Player: Lionel Messi
  • Favorite Number: 10
  • Other Sports: Track and Field
  • Best Advice Ever Given: "The only thing that determines how successful you are in life, is yourself"
  • Favorite TV Show: X Factor UK
  • Twitter: @marley_jarvis
  • Favorite Place To Eat In Rochester: Landmark Family Restaurant
  • Local Soccer Club/Program: Lakefront Soccer Club, Rochester Futbol Club
  • Dinner With 3 Famous People: Beyonce, Maya Angelou, Bob Marley

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