Rian McMullen

Player Name
Rian McMullen

  • Date of Birth- 12/06/1998
  • High School- Churchville-Chili
  • Hometown- Churchville, NY
  • Nickname- Ri
  • Favorite Athlete(s)- T.J. Oshie
  • Favorite Soccer Team- U.S. Women's National Team
  • Favorite Soccer Player- Sydney Leroux
  • Favorite Number- 5    
  • Best Advice Ever Given- "Keep moving forward"
  • Favorite TV Show- Criminal Minds
  • Twitter- @mcmullenRian
  • Instagram- rian.mcmullen
  • Favorite Place To Eat In Rochester- Chipotle
  • Local Soccer Club- Syracuse Development Academy
  • Pets- 4 dogs named Sidney, Bella, Annie, and Lucy 
  • Dinner With 3 Famous People- Sydney Leroux, Audrey Hepburn, Ellen Degeneres
  • Career Plans After Soccer/School- Police Officer

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