Diana Colpoys

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Diana Colpoys

#5 Diana Colpoys (D) ● College team ○ William Smith College ● Number of games with the lancers ○ 2019-5 ● How long played with the lancers ○ 1 year

Date of Birth: 11/19/99

Hometown: Webster, NY

High School: Our Lady of Mercy

Nickname - Di or D

Favorite Athlete: David Ortiz

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United

Favorite Soccer Player: Ryan Giggs

Favorite Number: 2

Other Sports: Softball, Track & Lacrosse

Best Advice: There's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone

Favorite TV Show: Friends 

Instagram: dianacolpoys

Favorite Place to Eat in Rochester: Gatehouse

Pets: 2 Boston Terriers

Dinner with 3 Famous People Who would it be: Sir Alex Ferguson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Beyonce

Career Plans: Work in Finance

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