Jessica Pegg

Player Name
Jessica Pegg


  • Date of Birth- 06/20/2000
  • Hometown- Rochester
  • High School- Penfield High School
  • Nickname- Jess
  • Favorite Athlete- Serena Williams
  • Favorite Soccer Team- Manchester City
  • Favorite Soccer Player- Mia Hamm
  • Favorite Number- 8
  • Other Sports-
  • Best Advice Ever Given- It doesn’t matter what others tell you, do what makes you happy
  • Favorite TV Show- The 100
  • Instagram: jpegg08
  • Favorite Place to Eat in Rochester- The Original Steve’s Diner
  • Hidden Talent- Playing the piano
  • Pets- Rabbit
  • Dinner With 3 Famous People- Ellen DeGeneres, Betty White, Ellen Pompeo
  • Career Plans After Soccer/School- Career in sports psychology and coaching


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