Taylor ReQua

Player Name
Taylor ReQua

#23 Taylor ReQua (M)  College team ○ Duquesne University  ● How long played with the lancers ○ 1 year

Date of birth- 10/20/2000

Hometown- Hamlin NY

High school- Kendall Jr/Sr High School

Nickname- T.t.

Favorite athlete- Simone Biles

Favorite soccer team- NC Courage

Favorite soccer player- Julie Johnston 

Favorite number- 10

Other sports/ track and basketball

Best advice ever given- pain is weakness leaving the body

Favorite T.V. Show- friends

Instagram- treqs10

Favorite place to eat in Rochester- Good Smoke BBQ

Hidden talent- I can learn songs incredibly fast. 

Pets- 1 dog (Chloe) 2 cats (Jax and Nyx)

Dinner with three famous people- Adam  Levine, Adam Sandler, and Seth Rogan 

Career plans after soccer/school- get a job in the marketing field somewhere in western NY

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