Chanel Alexander

Player Name
Chanel Alexander

  • Date of Birth: July 8th 2003
  • Hometown: Rochester NY
  • High School: Aquinas Institute
  • College: St. Bonaventure University
  • Nickname: Nelly
  • Youth Soccer Club: Rush Ny, WNY Flash
  • Memorable Youth Coach: George Kyriazis
  • Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant
  • Favorite Soccer Team: US Women’s National Team
  • Favorite Soccer Player: Carli Lloyd
  • Favorite Number: 2
  • Other Sports: Basketball
  • Best Advice Ever Given: “Stay true to yourself no matter the people you surround yourself with”
  • Favorite TV Show: Gotham
  • Instagram: chanel.alexander12
  • Favorite Place to Eat in Rochester: Blu Wolf Bistro
  • Hidden Talent: Basketball
  • Pets: Dog (Marco)
  • Dinner With 3 Famous People: Billie Eilish, Kobe Bryant, Giveon
  • Awards: AGR for soccer (while attending Aquinas), Player of the year, (for soccer while attending Aquinas, All-Rookie team (while attending St. Bonaventure), AGR for basketball (while attending Aquinas), All tournament team (for basketball while attending Aquinas), Sectional Title (soccer), Regional title (soccer), State Championship (soccer), Sectional Title (basketball)
  • Career Plans After Soccer/School: Athletic Trainer
  • How has soccer changed your life: soccer has given me a place to feel free of stress and worries and to focus on one thing I love to do

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