Kaitlyn Diem

Player Name
Kaitlyn Diem

Birthdate: 12/08/2003

Hometown: Fairport, NY

High School: Fairport High School

College: Niagara University 

Nickname: Katie

Youth Club: WNY Flash

Memorable Youth Coach: Thomas Natalie

Favorite Athlete: Carli Lloyd

Favorite Soccer Team: USWNT

Favorite Soccer Player: also Carli Lloyd

Favorite Number: 15

Other Sports: Ice Hockey

Best Advice Ever Given: The worst thing you can do is to look back at something and wish you worked harder. 

Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things

Instagram: @katiediem15

Favorite Place to Eat in Rochester: Refresh

Pets: Dog Sadie and cat Pattypaw 

Dinner with 3 Famous People: Carli Lloyd, Elon Musk, Einstein

Awards: AGR First team junior and senior year, All State second team senior year and fifth team my junior year 

Career Plans: I want to do something in the sports medicine field

How has soccer changed your life: Soccer has changed my life by giving me people and friends that have made such positive impacts on my life. It has also taught me the value of hard work and having a team camaraderie. 

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