Kelsey DeLola

Player Name
Kelsey DeLola

  • Date of Birth: October 19, 2000

  • Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY

  • High School: Charles W. Baker High School

  • College: Villanova University 

  • Youth Soccer Club: Syracuse Development Academy

  • Memorable Youth Coach: Tommy Tanner, Michael Paolini, Michael Kirmse

  • Favorite Athlete: Aaron Judge

  • Favorite Soccer Team: US Women’s National Team

  • Favorite Soccer Player: Mal Pugh

  • Favorite Number: 11

  • Best Advice Ever Given: Something you can always control is your work ethic

  • Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl

  • Pets: Mini goldendoodle (Bodie)

  • Awards: All American, CNY Girl’s Soccer Player of the year 

  • Career Plans After Soccer/School: The finance industry 

  • How has soccer changed your life: Soccer has given me amazing friendships and has taught me endless life lessons.

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