Rachel Hutchison

Player Name
Rachel Hutchison

Nickname: Hutch

Born in: Sayre, Pennsylvania

High School: Athens

College: St. Bonaventure University

Date of Birth: November 22nd, 2000

Height/Weight: 5'6" / 135 lbs

Family: Adriane and Robert Hutchison (parents) & Erica Hutchison (sister)

Social Media: Instagram @rhutch_21

Favorite Number: 3

Age Started Playing Soccer: 4

Club(s) Played for: GBFC & SDA

Memorable Youth Coach: Kirmse

Awards: All-State 1st team, All-Region 1st team, Rookie of the Year, and Player of the Year

How Has Soccer Changed My Life:  Soccer has shown me how to be disciplined, hardworking, and competitive both on and off the field.

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