Sarah Kretchmer

Player Name
Sarah Kretchmer

Birthdate: December 23,2003
Hometown: Rochester, NY
High School: Aquinas Institute
College: Marywood University
Youth Club: Cobras FC Elite
Memorable Youth Coach: Al Swanson
Favorite Athlete: Alex Morgan
Favorite Soccer Team: U.S Women’s National Team
Favorite Soccer Player: Alex Morgan
Favorite Number: 8
Other Sports: Lacrosse
Best Advice Ever Given: Tune out what’s going on around you and just play your game
Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Instagram: @Sarah.kretchmer
Favorite Rochester Restaurant: Schallers
Hidden Talent: I don’t think I have a hidden talent!
Pets: Golden doodle named Rylee
Dinner with 3 Famous People: Alex Morgan, Blake Lively, and Ronaldo
Awards: Scholar Athlete, 2 year varsity soccer captain, 2 year first team Private Parochial, 2 year All Greater Rochester Honorable Mention
Career Plans: Physician’s Assistant
How has soccer changed your life: Soccer is my escape. When i’m on the field all the problems disappear in the world and I am able to focus on doing what I love.

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