Rochester Lancers
        Next Home Games: Fri Jan 31 & Sat Feb 1


Player Name

Lancer Dancer 2014

  • Three words to describe you?  Caring, fun, charismatic. 

  • Education? Second year at Nazareth College.

  • Favorite Vacation Spot? Outer Banks, North Carolina

  • Favorite Restaurant in Rochester?  Jines Restaurant on Park Ave

  • Hobbies/Hidden Talents?  I love writing and making people laugh, and I can play the violin!

  • What is your Favorite Quote? “Everything happens for a reason.” 

  • What is your Favorite App? Instagram

  • The best advice someone has given you? “Life’s too short, do YOU!”

  • What are your future plans/goals? I hope to be writing in some way. A journalist, playwright, something!

  • What is the best part about being a Lancer Dancer? Having so much fun on and off the field! From the relationships with the girls to getting excited with the fans, to supporting the players and the whole team!  

Next Home Games: Fri, Jan 31 & Sat Feb 1. Please call 585-872-KICK for special events, birthday & group tickets or sponsorship opportunities. 

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