Nikkye De Point

Player Name
Nikkye De Point

  • Date of Birth- 09/10/1998
  • High School- McQuaid
  • Hometown- Rochester, NY
  • College- Villanova University
  • Nickname- Kye / Kye boi 
  • Favorite Athlete- Cristiano Ronaldo / Kawhi Leonard
  • Favorite Soccer Team- Manchester United
  • Favorite Soccer Player- Nemanja Vidic 
  • Favorite # and why- 18 because I grew up wearing it and my father wore that number. However, I have become accustomed to wearing #5 and I love that number too
  • Do you play or have you played other sports- I used to do Karate as a kid and I used to play Hockey as well as soccer as a young kid
  • Best advice someone has given you- Nothing is given to you, you have to earn everything and anything you want in life
  • Favorite TV show- Impractical Jokers / Walking Dead / Friends
  • Twitter Handle- Nikkye_kidd 
  • Favorite place to eat in Rochester- Empanada Shop / Winfield Grill / HongWah Chinese Restaurant 
  • If you could have dinner with 3 famous people who would it be- Niykee Heaton, Selena Gomez, Paul Pogba
  • What are your career plans after soccer/school- Professional Soccer player,  otherwise I haven't decided yet!

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