Wyatt Scott

Player Name
Wyatt Scott

  • Name- Wyatt Scott
  • Date of Birth- 08/30/1996
  • High School- Cicero North Syracuse
  • Hometown- Syracuse
  • College- Butler University
  • Nick Name- Wy
  • Favorite Athlete- Marcelo
  • Favorite Soccer Team- Tottenham Hotspur
  • Favorite Soccer Player- Marcelo
  • Do you play or have you played other sports- Played Basketball and Lacrosse
  • Best advice someone has given you- Someone is always watching
  • Favorite TV show- Peaky Blinders
  • Twitter Handle- @wyattscott7
  • Do you have any hidden talents/hobbies people don’t know about-
  • Do you have a pet- Two cats
  • If you could have dinner with 3 famous people who would it be- President Obama, Nelson Mandela, Pele
  • What are your career plans after soccer/school- Work for the Peace Corps
  • Soccer Experience- Empire United Academy 2012-2014, Hartwick College 2014-2015, Butler University 2016-2018
  • Awards/Honors- Sunbelt Conference Tournament Champion 2014
    Sunbelt Regular Season and Conference Tournament Champion 2015
    Sunbelt Second Team all conference 2015
    Big East Tournament Champion 2016
    Big East Conference Champion 2017
    4 NCAA Division 1 tournament appearances
    NCAA Sweet Sixteen 2017


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