Anthony Rozzano

Player Name
Anthony Rozzano

#11 Anthony Rozzanno- Attended SUNY Albany where he played four seasons there. He tallied 64 starts out of his 68 collegiate games. Rozzano is a returning player from last year's squad and also played indoor this past season for the Lancers. He appeared in 9 matches for the MASL team this past season scoring 4 goals and having 2 assists.

  • First & Last Name: Anthony Rozzano
    Date of Birth: 11/03/1993
    Hometown: Where life is worth living
    High School: Webster Schroeder
    Nickname: Toe Knee
    Favorite Athlete: Anthony Rozzano
    Favorite Soccer Team: Rochester Lady Lancers
    Favorite soccer player: Anthony Rozzano
    Favorite number: 1738
    Other sports played: Pizza log throwing
    Best advise ever given: Hold this adult beverage while I ride this dolphin uphill
    Favorite TV show: Game of loans - reality tv show where I struggle to pay back my college loans. It’s a 10 year show.
    Instagram: @arozzano
    Favorite place to eat in Rochester:
    Hidden Talent: I played one of the white walkers in GoT
    Pets: I have three 5 foot Dyer wolves
    Dinner with 3 famous people who would they be: John Mayer, Chance the Rapper, and Anthony Rozzano
    Career plans after soccer or school: I’m livin my best life, yeah, yeah.

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