Mitchell Brickman

Player Name
Mitchell Brickman


#29 Mitchell Brickman-Played at Oswego State where he started 57/65 total collegiate games. He currently just signed a Pro Contract in Germany. 

First & Last Name: Mitchell Brickman
Date of Birth: 7/23/95
Hometown: Rochester, NY
High School: Greece Arcadia
Favorite Athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo
Favorite Soccer Team: A.C Milan
Favorite soccer player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Favorite number: #10
Other sports played: Basketball in my younger days!
Best advise ever given: Never take “NO” for an answer
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
Instagram: @therealmitchellbrickman
Favorite place to eat in Rochester: Windjammers
Hidden Talent: Some might say that I’m pretty skilled in the kitchen.
Dinner with 3 famous people who would they be: Diego Maradona, Conor McGregor, Julius Cesar
Career plans after soccer or school: Play at the highest level possible, then progress into coaching and getting players to the next level!

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