Ngwese Ebangwese

Player Name
Ngwese Ebangwese


#25 Ngwese Ebangwese- Played two years at MCC before transferring to UIndy to finish his career. While at UIndy he won first team All-American and the first ever to do so in school history.

First & Last Name: Ngwese Ebangwese
Date of Birth: March 8th 1991
Hometown: Rochester NY
High School: Pittsford Sutherland High
Nickname: Wasay
Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan
Favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea FC
Favorite soccer player: Didier Drogb/Samuel Eto'o
Favorite number: 14
Other sports played: Basketball
Best advise ever given: Dont let things you dont have control over control you
Favorite TV show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Instagram: and Snachat : ngwese (simple)
Favorite place to eat in Rochester: ???
Hidden Talent: Im a masseuse
Pets: None
Dinner with 3 famous people who would they be: Will Smith Drake Cristiano Ronaldo
Career plans after soccer or school: Idk but ill know then

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