Darryl Potter

Player Name
Darryl Potter

Birthplace: Rochester, NY

Birthdate: October 27, 1992

Height/Weight: 6'1 185lbs

Family: Wife, Jessica  and 3 Cat Kids

Social Media Handles: Instagram @darryl.potter22 

Favorite Number: 22

Age started playing soccer: 5

First Youth Soccer Team: RH Falcons

First Organized Soccer Club: RH Falcons

Favorite Club played for: Rochester Lancers

Memorable Youth Coach: Ernesto Donoso

High School: Rush-Henrietta

Lancers History: 2019-2020 Indoor Lancers MASL

Lancers Stats: 4 games played

How has soccer impacted your life: Soccer has taught me many valuable life lessons, team work, disciplice, handling pressure, committment, responsibility and success 

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