Harry Fuller

Player Name
Harry Fuller

Birthdate: August 9th 1999

HomeTown: London, UK

Family: Older brother, older sister, two dogs

Favorite Number: 16

Youth Soccer Club: Hampton School

Most memorable youth coach: Carlos Mills

College: Cornell University

Awards: 2019 All Ivy Honorable Mention

Favorite Athlete: Bukayo Saka

Favorite Restaurant in Rochester: Outback Steakhouse

Favorite Soccer Team: Arsenal

Best Advice Ever Given: "If you ain't first, your last” - Ricky Bobby

Social Media Handles: Not a big social media guy

How has soccer impacted your life: Been a constant source of enjoyment throughout my life. Taught me many valuable skills in teamwork and dedication. It also allowed me to come to the States to study and play Division I athletics. Couldn’t be more thankful for it!

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