Ryan Curtis

Player Name
Ryan Curtis


  1. Player name : Ryan Curtis 

  2. Birthplace: Buffalo 

  3. Birthdate: 03/12/99

  4. Height/ Weight: 5ft 7in, 135lbs.

  5. Family/ wife kids: Nope 

  6. Social media handles:  instagram- ryancurtis_7

  7. Favorite number: 10 

  8. Age you started playing soccer: 6

  9. First youth soccer team: Pembroke Youth Soccer

  10. First organized club played for: Empire buffalo 

  11. Favorite club you played for: Football Academy of Bisham

  12. Memorable youth coach: Declan Doherty

  13. Highschool: Pembroke High school

  14. Did you play High school soccer: Yes 

  15. Sectionals/awards: No 

  16. FIrst local amateur team: N/A

  17. Favorite amateur team: N/A

  18. DId you play indoor locally: No 

  19. When did you join the lancers: May 1st 2021

  20. What years did you play for the lancers: None 

  21. Lancers stats: N/A

  22. How has soccer changed your life? 

Soccer has been my entire life. It's the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning and the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep at night.

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