Andriy Demydiv

Player Name
Andriy Demydiv

Born and Raised in Webster, NY. Andriy attended Webster Shroeder High School. He went on to attend Monroe Community College and played under Lancers Legend, Doug Miller. Andriy joined the NPSL Lancers in 2018 and also played for the MASL2 Indoor Lancers last season.  


First & Last Name: Andriy Demydiv
Date of Birth: 12/06/1998
Hometown: Webster
High School: Schroeder
Nickname: Andriy the Giant
Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant 
Favorite Soccer Team: Rochester Lancers
Favorite soccer player: Virgil van Dijk 
Favorite number: #23 - Michael Jordan
Other sports played: none
Best advise ever given: Invest in Yourself
Favorite TV show: South Park
Instagram: andriy_demydiv
Favorite place to eat in Rochester: Webster Hots 
Dinner with 3 Famous people Tim S. Grover, Jason Capital, Chris D'Elia 

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