Darryl Potter

Player Name
Darryl Potter


Born & Raised: Rochester,NY

High School Soccer Career and STATS: Rush Henrietta (2007-2010)

College Soccer Career and STATS: Monroe Community College (2010/2012) Undefeated season leading up to the National Tournament. Ranked 2nd in the nation in 2012, SUNY Buffalo State College (2014)

Date of birth: 10/27/1992

Favorite athlete: Neymar

Favorite Soccer Team: Brasil National Team

Favorite Soccer Player: Neymar

Favorite # and why: #22, it was my Fathers basketball number and has been my jersey number since I started playing soccer

Sports played: Soccer, Track and Field

Best advise: Be thankful and cherish every moment

Favorite TV show: Black Mirror / Bar Rescue

Twitter: @DP102792

Favorite place to eat: Hibachi/ Sushi

Hobbies: Soccer, working out, spending time with friends and family   

Dinner with 3 Famous people: Joe Rogan, Theo von, Joey Diaz

Career Plans: Further my education with the hopes of going to graduate school for physical therapy

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